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the justin timberlake show

Dylan: Everytime you curse, you blink like your body’s rejecting the word. 
It does not, fuck you— 
You blinked. 
I didn’t fucking blink. 
Blinked again. 
God, you really blinked, a lot. 
You didn’t blink! Shit you’re okay with.

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Girl, deliver that to me. Come see me.

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Sean: Seriously, what the hell’s the chicken?

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Interviewer (to Justin): Another album, or are you just acting?
Andrew: I’m just acting for the moment. I feel like my last album flopped, no one bought it and no one listened to it. I was proud of it, it doesn’t really matter to me, but, you know, if I make another album, I’m not gonna release it.

Daybreak interview with Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake

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Interviewer: You do have facebook pages though. (to Justin) You have 4 million likes on your website, (to Andrew) you have about 500 but I can make you feel better -

Andrew: Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Is it supposed to be defining of who I am as a person? Is that what you’re saying, that the amount of likes should be a personal - look, look, hold me back.

Justin: (to the interviewer) Now look what you’ve done. See what you’ve done? Why did you do that?

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